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Sub Contractor Partner Program 

Stop Missing Out on Kitchen Cabinet Painting Opportunities!

Are you a painter, painting company, or contractor passing up kitchen cabinet painting jobs due to lack of space, equipment, or a spray booth?


Discover the solution you need.

How It Works:

Step 1:

Offer kitchen cabinet painting to both new and existing clients.

Step 2:

Your team handles the on-site painting of fixed structures with a fine finish roller and removes all doors and drawers. Choose to have Paint My Cabinets collect these from you with our discreet, unbranded vehicles, or drop them off at our spray shop yourself.

Step 3:

Behind the scenes, we expertly spray the doors and drawers in our booth, achieving a factory-quality finish.

Step 4:

After the doors and drawers are prepped, primed, and sprayed, we securely wrap them in foam for transport protection.

Step 5:

You can then pick up the finished pieces from our shop, or we'll deliver them to you in our unbranded vehicles.

Step 6:

Experience the joy of your clients' reactions when they see their transformed doors reinstalled by your team.

Step 7:

Reap the rewards of positive feedback and increased referrals for your cabinet painting services.

Find out how simple it is to boost your profits by reselling kitchen cabinet painting services through a partnership with Paint My Cabinets.

Contact Us to Get Started!

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